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Aaron Steinfeld, PhD

Aaron Steinfeld, PhD, is a Systems Scientist in the Robotics Institute, School of Computer Science, at Carnegie Mellon University. He holds three degrees in Industrial and Operations Engineering from the University of Michigan. Dr. Steinfeld is currently leading the QoLT Safe Driving Systems cluster of projects. This effort is on the complimentary issue of enhancing automobile accessibility for drivers who are disabled and/or older. He was a key member of RADAR, a very large project that sought to provide white collar assistance through machine learning.

Dr. Steinfeld, an Industrial Engineer with a specialization in human factors, has extensive experience designing, developing, and evaluating interfaces for complex, real-time rehabilitation, transportation, and machine learning systems. This includes work on real-time captioning, technology for people who are deaf or hard of hearing, personalized software assistants, driver-vehicle interfaces, driver assistance systems, fully and Robotics Institute / RERC on Accessible Public Transportation 135 semi-autonomous mobile robots, handheld interfaces for roadside crash documentation, product evaluations in continuing care facilities, bathroom accessibility, and a broad range of Intelligent Transportation Systems. An author of over two dozen peer reviewed publications, he is the lead author of Universal design in automobiles, a chapter in the Universal Design Handbook (2001) and author of Smart systems in personal transportation in the forthcoming Engineering Handbook on Smart Technology for Aging, Disability and Independence. He also has extensive personal experience with individuals with severe and profound hearing loss. He is a member of the Carnegie Mellon Minimal Risk IRB and the RERC on Telerehabilitation Advisory Board.

Jordana Maisel, PhD

Jordana Maisel, PhD., is a Research Associate for the RERC-UD and Director of Outreach and Policy Studies at the IDEA Center. Ms. Maisel is an urban planner whose current work includes projects on the effectiveness of universal design, Visitability, policy and planning issues related to inclusive housing design, and an analysis of international accessibility standards and research. She recently completed an issue paper on Visitability for AARP. Ms. Maisel is Editor of the IDEA Center E-Newsletter, which has over 5000 subscribers. She recently developed and taught an online continuing education program for the RERC-UD and currently teaches in the Department of Urban and Regional Planning at UB as an Adjunct Professor.