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Anthony Tomasic, PhD

Anthony Tomasic, PhD, is the director of the MSIT-VLIS profession master degree program in Very Large Information Systems at Carnegie Mellon and a Senior Systems Scientist in the Institute for Software Research International. He is currently a project leader in the DARPA RADAR project that is building an intelligent desktop. His research interests focus on very large information systems and the application of machine learning to user interfaces. Dr. Tomasic has over 30 publications in international peer-reviewed conferences and journals and is an associate editor for the IEEE Transactions on Data and Knowledge Engineering. He has worked as an officerfor various internet start-ups and a researcher for Dyade, a research and development consortium established by Institute National de Researche en Informatique et en Automatic (INRIA) and the Group Bull, IBM Almaden Research Center, the European Computer-Industry Research Centre, and the Database Group at Stanford University. He earned an MS and a Ph.D. in Computer Science at Princeton University.